Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

Prescriptions previously filled at the SHS Pharmacy with refills remaining (refills are noted on the bottom left-hand corner of your prescription label) and prescriptions that have not expired (less than one year from the date originally written) may be filled in several ways:

  1. Students can call the SHS Pharmacy at (415) 338-1710. If your prescription has run out of refills, we will contact your health care provider for you. Please allow 48-72 hours to process your request. Your provider may either write a new prescription or may advise you to make an appointment.
  2. Students may request a refill online via their Student Health Services myHealth portal

* NOTE: To transfer a refill prescription from another pharmacy, please call (415) 338-1710

We are able to fill prescriptions from doctors outside of the Student Health Services only if we carry the medication. First, call the SHS Pharmacy at (415) 338-1710 to see if the medication is available. If you medication is available, your health care provider can:

  • request your provider to have your new prescription sent electronically,
  • fax your prescription to (415) 338-3976,
  • give you a written prescription, or
  • phone your prescription to (415) 338-1710.

See information below if you have health insurance or a pharmacy insurance card.  If you do not have either, the charge for your prescriptions will be placed on your student account and payment can be made in person at the Bursar's office or by accessing your online account at MySFSU. Charges will generally appear on your Bursar account 2 business days after the charge has been made. Payment will be accepted online with a MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express; or at the Bursar's Office with a cash or check. For online payments, a non-refundable service fee of 2.75% is added to the total payable amount for each credit/debit card transaction.

We currently accept Family PACT and some health insurance plans.  Please bring your pharmacy insurance card (or a copy) with you to the Pharmacy check-in window.  We will check to see if your insurance will allow us to fill your prescription.  If we can fill your prescription, we will also let you know if you have a co-pay charge. This co-pay charge will be transferred to your student account and payment can be made in person at the Bursar's office or by accessing your online account at MySFSU.

In order for Family PACT to cover the cost of the medicine, the prescription must be written by a Family PACT provider. Verification of provider status may take up to 24 hours. If the prescription was written from a non-Family PACT provider, the student will have to pay out of pocket.

Yes, we are able to accept your prescription as long as there are valid refills on the prescription and if our pharmacy carries the medication. Call the pharmacy refill phone number at (415) 338-1710 or come by the SHS Pharmacy with the medication vial or package. The prescription label lists necessary information, including the name of the medicine, Rx number, name of the other pharmacy and their contact information. Transferred prescriptions are usually ready in about 24 hours. We encourage patients to request their refills ahead of time.

To transfer a prescription from the SHS Pharmacy to another pharmacy in the U.S., follow these steps:

  1. Call or go to the pharmacy where you want your prescription transferred to.
  2. Be ready to provide your personal information and your prescription information (prescription label), including the SHS Pharmacy phone number (415-338-1710), and the prescription number.
  3. That pharmacy will then contact the SHS Pharmacy to make the transfer. (Note: Expired prescriptions and prescriptions with no refills cannot be transferred.)

The SHS Pharmacy has about 400 medications available. These are medicines most frequently prescribed by our SHS providers. Call us to ask if we have a particular medication in stock.