Medical Emergencies


  • Call 8-2222 (from a campus phone)
  • Call (415) 388-2222 (from a cell phone)


  • Call 911

Note: Anyone calling from a cell phone on campus should call (415) 338-2222, instead of 8-2222 to connect to the campus police. Calling 911 on campus, the call will be transferred to California Highway Patrol and University police may be unaware of a campus emergency. 


Emergency Preparedness

In an emergency or catastrophic disaster, the Student Health Services will mobilize its personal and resources to provide basic aid and limited medical services to the campus community in conjunction with local, state, and federal government assistance.

Student Health Services has developed a protocol for emergencies and assigned specific staff to deal with various aspects of such situations. However, due to the size of the campus community (30,000-38,0000 people) and limited resources/staff (50 staff) of the Student Health Services, we encourage the campus staff and faculty to prepare for a catastrophic disaster. 

For Life-threatening Emergencies:

  • On-campus, dial 8-2222
  • Off-campus, dial 911

24 Hour Emergency Services for Suicide Prevention