Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

  • To receive high quality, accessible, and culturally sensitive medical care
  • To be treated with respect, consideration, privacy, and dignity
  • To receive treatment and care without discrimination with regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, ability, marital status, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression
  • To maintain confidentiality of patient medical records and disclosures.
  • To know one’s provider’s name, specialty, and position; to have access, upon request, of SHS process to verify provider credentials; to specify preference regarding gender of provider; and to change provider if requested, depending on availability
  • Patients have the right to have an assistant or chaperone present during a physical examination, treatment, or procedure performed by a health professional and the right not to remain disrobed any longer than is required to accomplish the medical purpose for which the patient was asked to disrobe
  • To receive complete, current information regarding diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in understandable terms prior to treatment
  • To be informed of the benefits, possible risks or side effects of treatment, alternate methods, and the medical consequences of treatment refusal
  • To have access to other medical opinions before making treatment decisions
  • To be informed if there is an absence of malpractice insurance coverage
  • To have been provided, as required by law, a Notice of SHS Privacy Practices
  • To express any dissatisfaction to one’s provider, to the Student Health Service staff, Student Health Advisory Committee, or the Director of the Student Health Services
  • To have information accessible from SHS Director’s Office staff regarding SHS protocol and procedure for patient comments, suggestions or grievances
  • To be informed of personal responsibilities involved in seeking medical treatment and maintaining health and wellbeing after treatment
  • To have access to health education materials
  • To be informed of the right to refuse to participate in any research conducted at the Student Health Service
  • To receive information from SHS Custodian of Medical Records, upon request, about advanced health directives

Patient Responsibilities

  • To provide a valid SF State ID# and SF State or government issued photo identification at each visit
  • To present details of condition in a clear, direct manner
  • To respond to other patients and student health staff with respect and consideration
  • To maintain and monitor an SF State Registrar approved email account
  • To adhere to COVID-related policies and procedures on campus and at SHS
  • To ask for clarification if information or instructions are not understood
  • To be on time for appointments, and if unable to keep an appointment, to cancel immediately so another patient can be scheduled at that time
  • To assist provider in developing an individualized quality treatment plan
  • To pay any billed charges
  • To express grievances to the appropriate person as defined in SHS protocol
  • To obtain adequate health insurance if possible, be familiar with policy coverage, and provide information if needed for appropriate provider referral
4 nurses outside of Residential Halls with peace signs up

Health care is a cooperation between patients and providers.

Revised 8/19/20