New Student Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you purchase health insurance from Student Health Services?
No. We do not provide health insurance. But, as a student, you pay a student health fee which allows you to receive services at our health center for free or at a low cost.

What is the Student Health Fee?
The Student Health Fee is not health insurance. It is part of your tuition and every student pays it. This covers basic medical services at the Student Health Center, mental health services at Counseling and Psychological Services (SSB 208), and health education programing from Health Promotion & Wellness. For more detailed information see an explanation of the CSU Policy for funding Student Health Services.

Can the Student Health Fee be waived?
No. The Student Health Fee is never waived, even if you have health insurance.

Do I also need health insurance?
Yes. Health insurance is mandated by the federal government. You do not need health insurance to access services at the campus health center but it’s important for when you need to pay for prescriptions or lab tests obtained from Student Health and especially to access services off-campus (on weekends, off-hours, and for specialty or emergency care).

What services does the Student Health Center provide?
Medical visits for all SF State registered students are free. X-rays are free too.    
Prescriptions, lab tests, and immunizations are low cost.

What services does the Student Health Center not provide?
Dental, optometry, and medical specialties such as dermatology and physical therapy are not available.

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Does the pharmacy have over-the-counter medications?
Yes, and they are often less expensive than at a drugstore.

Do you need me to send my medical records to you?
If you have health concerns that need ongoing care, please have your current healthcare provider send you copies of your medical records. Keep a copy for yourself and send / deliver another copy to Student Health Services.

When you get to SF State, make an appointment with one of our providers.

Student Health Services Mailing Address:
      Student Health Services Medical Records
      Attn: Custodian of Medical Records
      1600 Holloway Avenue
      San Francisco, CA 94132
Fax Number: (415) 338-2278

If I am under age 18 (a minor), do I need my parent's consent to be seen at the SHS?
Students under the age of 18 (a minor) may need parental or guardian consent for services at SHS.  Please come in to SHS or call 415-338-1251 and ask to speak to a Nurse before making an appointment.

Does SF State require a physical before starting school?
Physical exams are required only for students participating in intercollegiate athletics.  SF State's Athletics Office staff will schedule a pre-participation physical for their team athletes.

Which immunizations do I need before coming to SF State?
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Hepatitis B are required for all SF State students.

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Where do I submit my required immunization records?
Mail, fax or take a copy of your immunizations records to the SF State Registrar’s Office in the Student Services Building, Room 101.
If you need an immunization, you can get one at Student Health Services during the Immunization Clinic. Some immunizations or vaccines will need to be special ordered.

How do I pay my bill and how much will it cost?
The Student Health Fee (included in your tuition) covers most medical care provided at Student Health Services except for items such as medications, lab tests, and immunizations and vaccines. Any charges will be billed to your student’s Bursar account. You can print out itemized bills at myHealth to submit them to your health insurance for reimbursment.

Student Health Services Costs and Charges

How do I get health insurance through SF State?
Visit the Health Insurance page for more information.

Where is Student Health Services located?
Student Health Services is located below ground adjacent to the Psychology and Ethnic Studies Building, and directly across from Burk Hall in the northwest corner of the SF State campus.

How do I make an appointment?
Visit the Appointments page for more information.

I just had surgery. Can I get help getting to and from class?
The Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) website includes information about transport assistance and other assistance for students with permanent or temporary disabilities.

Do I need to fill out any forms before I make an appointment?
Yes, Student Health Services asks that you complete a health history form before coming in for your appointment. You can find it by clicking on myHealth and signing in to your secure medical information page. You will find the Health History Form in the FORMS section.

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