Mental Health Services


University life can be stressful for many reasons, and it is not uncommon for students to experience emotional problems during this period of time. Many disturbances in emotional health, including depression, anxiety, self-destructive or suicidal thoughts, have a physical component. And some physical symptoms, (e.g. sleep or appetite disturbance, chest pain, stomach upset) can be caused by emotional distress.


If you have any concerns related to your mental health, an evaluation by a medical professional can shed light on the cause of your symptoms and provide direction in how to treat them.  At Student Health Services, we have two psychiatrists on staff to provide necessary care and medication management.  For counseling and psychological services offered on campus, click the link below.


Counseling and Psychological Services at SF State


Community Resources

For life-threatening emergencies:

  • On-campus, dial 8-2222
  • Off-campus, dial 911


24 Hour Emergency Services for Suicide Prevention


Psychiatric Services by County


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