LGBTQI Services and Resources

Everyone has a right to live a healthy life, no matter your gender or sexual orientation. Your health includes physical, emotional, mental, and social health and wellness.

At Student Health Services we provide basic health services and resources for the following below.

SHS supports our LGBTQI students and provides a safe and welcoming environment to get health care and resources. SHS offers inclusive primary care and sexual health visits (including STI testing, cervical and testicular cancer screening, Emergency Contraception, birth control including IUDs and Nexplanon, sexual health vaccinations, and PrEP).

SHS is committed to serve and empower our SFSU LGBTQI students through promotion and care for mental health.

We support and encourage SF State students to access the wealth of support and resources the SF Area offers the LGBTQI community.

*Please note some of the resources may be limited or closed due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

SF State Resources

SF Community-Based LGBTQI Health Services

Trans Resources

LGBTQAI+ Bay Area Resources

LBGTQAI+ Communities of Color

National and International Resources