Women's Services

All registered female bodied students may access the following Women’s Health Services at SHS.  These services are provided by SHS Physicians (MD), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Registered Nurses (RN) and Clinical or Medical Assistants.


Birth Control

How to help you choose and use a Birth Control method that fits your lifestyle and to also address questions that may come up.  You need an appointment but NOT exam to get a prescription for birth control. 

If eligible, students may enroll in Family PACT which provides many family planning services such as Birth Control, Emergency Contraception, and Preventive well woman exams for free.

  • Birth Control Pills
  • The Patch (Ortho-Evra)
  • Ring (Nuva Ring)
  • Implant (Nexplanon)
  • Depo shot (Depo-provera)
  • IUD (Intrauterine Device – Mirena, Paragard, and soon Skyla)
  • Male condoms
  • Diaphragm

Birth Control Refill Drop-in clinics

If you are satisfied with your current birth control method (Pill, Ring, Patch or Depo-Provera) and need a refill OR   if you want to re-start a birth control method you had previously been satisfied with, then this

Mini-Clinic is a good option.  If you have questions or problems with your birth control method, please make a women’s health appointment with an SHS provider.

FIRST check if you have any remaining refills at the Student Health Service Pharmacy.
If no refills or your prescription has expired, this clinic is FOR YOU!





10:20  - 11:20 AM

Clinic  C


  2:10  -  3:10 PM

Clinic  A


  2:30  -  3:30 PM

Clinic  C

Limited to first come, first served.  Arrive early to be seen.

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Emergency Contraception (morning after pill)

Emergency Contraception is available at the Student Health Services Pharmacy after you see one of our Providers or Nurses for a prescription.  Emergency contraception is also known as the ‘morning after pill’ or MAP, as Plan B, or Next Choice, or Ella.   If you are enrolled in Family PACT, emergency contraception is free with your provider prescription.

Resources for Emergency Contraception when the Student Health is closed:

  • You can purchase it at most pharmacies without a prescription.
  • www.Not-2-late.com for listings of pharmacies near you
  • SF City Clinic online prescription     click on Plan B; follow instructions to send a prescription to a nearby major chain pharmacy.  Can use your FamilyPACT card for free MAP.

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Pregnancy tests and options

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Counseling regarding options and referrals for services

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Women’s Health medical evaluations, care and treatment

Women’s health evaluations, exams and treatments are available at SHS women’s health appointment.

  • Vaginal bumps, unusual discharge or other symptoms
  • Menstrual or vaginal bleeding issues
  • Breast issues
  • UTI (urinary tract infection) –pain with urination, urgency, frequency
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) or exposure –we can screen you!
  • Pap smears after age 21 and abnormal pap smear follow-up
  • Menopausal symptoms

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Preventive health care

  • Well woman’s exam (AKA  “annual exam”) for those at least 21 years old
  • Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)  - recommended at least once a year for sexually active women <25 years old even if no symptoms
  • Safer sex information
  • Birth Control methods – what is available and how to choose
  • Sexuality issues
  • Preconception counseling

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Online Resources

General Women's Health

Planned Parenthood - Women's Health

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Women's Health - U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services


Birth Control

Planned Parenthood - Birth Control

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals- Birth Control Tool

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals


Go Ask Alice!


Sexual Health

You Be the Influence


Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Health

Lesbian and bisexual health fact sheet


Pap testing

Pap test - National Cancer Institute


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

STD's/STIs - American Social Health Association

Genital HPV Infection - Fact Sheet

Genital Herpes - CDC Fact Sheet

Herpes - Westover Heights Clinic

Anonymous Partner Notification Service

So They Can Know


Pregnancy Options

Pregnancy Options Workbook



The North American Menopause Society



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