Student Health Services

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We encourage you to schedule your appointment over the phone to expedite your services. 80% of our appointments are same-day appointments.

Appointments by Phone

Making an Appointment by Phone

Call (415) 338-1719
(except for some specialty services).

Canceling by Phone

  • Telephone 415-338-1251 Press #1 on the keypad.
  • Please leave a message stating your:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Student ID number
    • Date and Time of the appointment you wish to cancel

Your message will be date and time stamped.

Online Appointments

Through myHealth you are able to make or cancel any of these appointments online:

  1. Nutrition appointments
  2. Women’s Annual Exam appointments
  3. Immunizations appointments
  4. Family PACT enrolling or recertification appointments
  5. Peer Sexual Health Educator clinic appointments
  6. STD screens (men only)

Please read all information on the appointment making pages in order to ensure that you are successful in making the correct type of appointment.

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Walk-In Appointments

  • When you arrive pick up an appointment slip and a number at the Information Desk and have a seat in the waiting area.
  • Complete the appointment slip while you wait for your number to be called.
  • Our screening nurse will call your number and proceed to ask relevant questions in order to determine what type of appointment you need.


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