STI and HIV Testing

STI Testing

Who Should Get Tested?

Anyone who is sexually active should think about testing for sexually transmitted infections. The CDC recommends that women test for chlamydia annually until age 26. They recommend that men who have sex with men should test for STIs every 4-6 months. New CDC guidelines recommend routine HIV testing. STI testing is available to all SF State registered students by making an appointment online.

What Tests Should I Do?

If you would like help determining what tests you may need to do, ask your provider and visit any of the resource websites listed below. You will need to test the appropriate parts of your body, which could include throat or anal swabs.

STIs - Testing Considerations (pdf)
STD Wizard at
STDs/STIs - American Social Health Association
Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Center for Disease Control and Prevention
What You Need to Know About STIs and STDs

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